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Offer intuitive, technically savvy, craft-inspired solutions to every client, regardless of project scale or budget.  Maximize value while achieving world-class results.  Bring gldDSi into your project early as our involvement can greatly influence the shape and structure of your project.  Through ingenuity and an obsessive attention to detail, our concepts have radically changed architectural forms, structural systems, even landscaping.  No one looks more closely into the ART of design than gldDSi.

gldDSi is led by Gary L Douglas, an award winning and nationally published designer with thirty-three-years experience in architectural, lighting and interior design.

ART is our all-encompassing passion to create spaces for living.


gldDSi has “encouraged” into reality several estate quality homes of intense creativity and detail; applied lighting expertise on over fifty homes and thirty-five commercial and governmental buildings; all the while inventing new products and unique applications for existing products.

Diverse Talent           top

Gary moved to Portland in 1978 to work with artist/architect Willard K Martin.  As the focused designer, and “fine Italian hand” on Portland Pioneer Courthouse Square, Gary was twenty years advanced in proposing fiber-optic illumination.

When his career shifted to interior design, Gary returned to Pioneer Square, creating the “jewel case” glass wind-break for Tri-Met's customer service center.

His work in Portland’s “Big Pink” (US Bank Tower) culminated in the most innovative planning response to the parallelogram-building plan.  The 32nd floor law offices of Preston Gates & Ellis were dramatic, modern, day-bright, functional and on budget.  One viewed the firm's collected art and saw daylight from every desk.  He also custom furnished several partner offices, developing prototype furniture in response to each attorney’s style and working technique.

Passionate          top

gldDSi gets involved, whether commissioned to master-build an estate, or illuminating objects for an avid art collector, or helping a “do-it-yourself” homeowner create something special.

gldDSi provides solutions that save clients time and money.  The value we add to a project, and pleasure you enjoy living in ART, makes our commission a bargain.

As you browse this portfolio, keep in mind, every space, surface, object shown is the ART of gldDSi.  Many of these objects are one-of-a-kind, elegant prototypes, or limited editions.  If you wish to immerse yourself in a unique living environment that comes from our attention to detail, please contact gld DESIGNSTUDIO inc.

call: 503.768.9077

Recognition          top


The American Institute of Architects AIA, Bonneville Power Administration BPA, Illuminating Engineering Society IES, and Building Owners & Managers Association BOMA presented awards honoring his lighting designs. 


Home magazine cover October 1999

     featuring Asian MODERN master bath

Window Fashions cover December 1995

Oregon Home cover Spring 1999

     “Paradise in Portland” featuring Guest TREEHOUSE

Home At Last magazine Fall 1996

     “Here Comes the Sun” home kitchen remodel

Home At Last magazine Fall 1995

     article featuring five gldDSi custom fireplaces

Progressive Architecture 1982

     PA Awards featuring Pioneer Courthouse Square

Presentations          top

IIDA - Vancouver BC

     “What You NEED to Know About Lighting”

HBA/Remodelers Council “Theory of Lighting Design”

Comments          top

“I’ve traveled the world, been entertained in the finest homes… and never have I experienced a home of this warmth, charm and exquisite detail.  World Class ART!”  Dutch Ambassador to the United States visiting the Guest TREEHOUSE, Portland  OR

“With your fantastic ideas, the house has become even better than I ever imagined.  It’s truly a work of ART.  I can see it on the faces of every person who enters, very amazing!!

Thank You Sincerely”  Homeowners, Lake Oswego  OR

 “A decade after moving in, I’m still discovering ART you created in our home!”  Homeowner, Portland  OR

“It never ceases to amaze me, Gary is never trapped by the inevitable construction glitch.  His solutions are inspired ART.”  General Contractor to Homeowner.

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Few can afford the luxury of a fiber-optic starry sky ceiling.  Why can’t we simply look up and experience the wonders of the milky way from our back yard?  Visit the International Dark Sky Association to see how you can improve the outdoor lighting in your neighborhood.

Two-thirds of the world’s people live without electricity.  Candles and crude lanterns are dangerous, and flashlights generate poison battery dumps.  Light Up the World is attempting to provide state-of-the-art LED lamps powered by manually recharged batteries.  This organization needs your help several billion times over.

Practical (1919) how-to-advice on Repairing a Burned-Out Incandescent Globe.