Gary Douglas rests on the edge of the slate and granite sculpture. 

Halogen light grazes the falling water, fiber-optic strands glow from the black-rock pool.  

gldDSi exclusive “Kate’s Bowl” resting atop the cabinet wall conceals a 400 watt halogen up-light.  Visit ART for LIVING.

The other ambient roofing source is an adjustable two-circuit direct/indirect light.

gldDSi coordinated wall-detailing and sized steel-framed windows to precisely fit the cabinetry, millwork and stone fireplace.  Gary sculpted the triple-layer copper “leaves” and “rope” to conceal the gap between wood ceiling and fireplace flue.

gldDSi worked closely with homeowner in selecting and purchasing furnishings


gldDSi “discovered” access to roof and suggested the architect add triangular skylight, then carefully detailed the angled walls to resolve the skylight to room shapes.  The silk jacquard wall fabric accentuates the dramatic height in this powder room.

The fluorescent sconces were customized to serve as electrical wall-box and wire-way for the separate candelabra lamp.  Special mounting technique permits seasonal lampshades to “hook” over the fixture.


©1996 by Loren Nelson Photography