Master bath remodel features jetted glass-marbles tiled tub.


Granite tub deck becomes shower seat beyond etched glass. 

Original tub was located in bay window, now a lounging area overlooking the lakeside gardens.  Companion Louis XV styled vanity cabinets were proportioned to individual heights his is 43” tall, her’s standard. 


Mahogany headwall divides bed from bath. 

Carved mahogany features include mirror frames,

post caps and broken-pediment door headers. 

Pedestal sinks “rest” on granite-top cabinet. 

Air-supplied through holes drilled in base board.


24K gold and copper glazed ceramic tiles accentuate the black galaxy granite. 

Responding to architect-angled wall, gldDSi shaped the double-seat jetted-tub

and aligned light-shelf soffit.  The tub form continues through glass shower

enclosure as a bench.  Individual motorized window-coverings are controlled

by electronic micro-switch on side of tub.


Ceramic artist created “spiral vine” ceiling, custom sink

and abstracted doubled etched glass shower wall.

Narrow vanity is tapered to clear door jamb,

stainless steel “bowl” conceals sink.


Powder rooms present wonderful opportunities for drama.


Girls bath created in response to the selection of freeform tub/shower.


How far can bath design go in the name of FUN?


Regardless of your style gldDSi delivers excellence.